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Birthday gift for 92 year old dad

We were initially canceled in the morning but combined with another group at 4:30pm. Was a beautiful day and was the first flight for all of our family. Our “driver”

Kids Camps

Camp Dora Golding

The Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by The US Hot Air Balloon Team) tethered up at Camp Dora Golding for about 4 hours. Kids from 7 years old and up enjoyed

Corporate Branding

90.3 FM WJTL Radio

“We are excited to have our logo soaring over our listening community! Listeners love snapping pictures of our balloon and posting them to our Facebook Page. What fantastic promotion!”

Corporate Branding

Bird-in-Hand Lodging, Dining, and Theater

“Bird-in-Hand’s sponsorship of a hot air balloon produces a dynamic exposure and attraction to our brand identity and to our unique village destination”

Corporate Branding

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center

“We love the opportunity that balloon sponsorship affords us of getting our brand in front of Adventure Enthusiasts and Lancaster Tourists. The thrill seeking balloonist also makes a great zipline

Corporate Branding

ING Direct

“Our customers never forget the opportunity they had with us and that’s a great brand experience for us.”

Corporate Branding

DavCo Advertising

“Hot Air Balloons are always noticed no matter how many times they fly.”