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Lancaster Balloon Rides



Hot air balloons launching during the Kaiserwinkl Alpine Balloon Festival in 2017

Kaiserwinkl Alpine Balloon Festival 2017

Kaiserwinkl Alpine Balloon Festival, Jan 21 to 28, 2017 We are thrilled to take part of the famous ballooning event in Kaiserwinkl! More than 50 teams from around the world

A married couple taking a picture next to a hot air balloon | Lancaster Balloon Rides

Come Fly With Me

So honored to have our Come Fly With Me styled shoot printed in Susquehanna Style, on their 2017 Bridal COVER photo! Such a blessing, and I couldn’t have done it

Seats at the Lancaster Barnstormer's stadium reserved for US Hot Air Balloon Team

Lancaster Barnstormers

We’ve got 4 tickets for YOU… stop by our new store in Bird-In-Hand and you could win 4 tickets to the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game! Come see us at 2727

A 92 year old dad celebrates his birthday with his family on a hot air balloon ride in Lancaster, PA

Birthday gift for 92 year old dad

We were initially canceled in the morning but combined with another group at 4:30pm. Was a beautiful day and was the first flight for all of our family. Our “driver”

A Lancaster Balloon Rides hot air balloon at Camp Dora Golding
Kids Camps

Camp Dora Golding

The Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by The US Hot Air Balloon Team) tethered up at Camp Dora Golding for about 4 hours. Kids from 7 years old and up enjoyed