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Client Appreciation

What better way to say “Thank You” to your customers?

Employees smiling while on a corporate event at Lancaster Balloon Rides

Employee Appreciation

Starting to notice some droopy shoulders around the office?


Grand Opening

Want to boost brand-awareness and draw customers from miles around?


Romantic Flights

Enjoy a romantic date as a couple, or celebrate any special event.

A couple laughing while taking a private balloon ride to Chester County and Philadelphia thanks to Lancaster Balloon Rides.


Surprise your loved one with a beautiful, romantic hot air balloon ride.



Getting married in a hot air balloon may be the ULTIMATE magical experience.

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Family Reunions

Unique Family Reunion Hot Air Balloon Experience

Children standing next to a mini Lancaster Balloon Rides hot air balloon while at the Valley Forge Baptist Day Camp

Kids Programs

Hot air balloons captivate all who see them, and kids are no exception!