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Kids Love Hot Air Balloon Rides - Your Event will Soar!

Hot air balloons captivate all who see them, and kids are no exception! Children of all ages love to see balloons, but many have never flown or have even been up close!

A unique fun (and educational) opportunity for Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York:

  • Birthday parties
  • Summer camps
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Community fairs and carnivals
  • Other community events


Set your event apart with a hot air balloon presentation and tether (the balloon is tied down so it stays on the property).

Our presenters (pilots) are friendly, knowledgeable, and enjoy spending time with kids eager to learn and have fun in this unique format.

Hot Air Balloon Presentation & Tether Activity

There are many reasons to include hot air balloons at your children’s events. Here’s an example of how the event could go (we’re happy to customize it to meet your goals)…

  • Education and history of the oldest form of aviation in the world
  • Physics of how different types of balloons function. Hot air balloons, gas, helium/hydrogen how balloons function. Flight characteristics- aerodynamics, thermodynamics, in an enjoyable way
  • Question and answer interaction between presenter and participants.
  • Photo opportunity for participants to see themselves in a balloon
  • Hands-on helping to inflate a hot air balloon
  • Board the balloon and take a tethered ride 25’ to 50’ altitude
  • Hold a contest while, dropping markers from the balloon
Children standing next to a mini Lancaster Balloon Rides hot air balloon while at the Valley Forge Baptist Day Camp

Why Choose Hot Air Balloons?

Fun and educational experience

Entertaining activity different from any others

Activity that could stir their imagination

Highlight for teachers who have never been in a balloon

Lancaster Balloon Rides has provided hot air balloon training and programs for more than 30 years. We exercise all safety requirements in everything we do, are insured, and enjoy a great safety record.

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