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Lancaster County's

Premier Hot Air Balloon Ride Company

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Flight Launch Sites

Hot Air Balloon Ride Explore Lancaster County PA

Fall In Love With

Traverse the sunny skies above Amish Country


Catch a glimpse of horses and buggies, see Lancaster towns and city skylines from a brand new vantage point.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Explore Philadelphia Chester County PA

Experience of A Lifetime

Embark on a journey over Chester County

Hot Air Balloon Ride Explore Chester County PA

Complete views of the Schuylkill River, the Philadelphia skyline, and the small towns and villages that dot along the Southern end of PA.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Explore Philadelphia bucks County PA

Unforgettable Beauty

Enjoy the city and country in Bucks County

Hot Air Balloon Ride Explore Bucks County PA

Breathtaking views of remote vineyards, horse farms, and PA wildlife, plus the Delaware River and Poconos mountains.

Fly from three locations, each with their own personality.

The Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by The US Hot Air Balloon Team) is the premier ballooning company in Southeastern Pennsylvania, providing hot air balloon rides over the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland countryside. When you fly with Lancaster Balloon Rides, virtually every flight is a new and different adventure.

Flying as high as a mile under the whim of the breeze, our flights head a different direction each and every time. Whether drifting across treetops or hovering on the water of the Schuylkill River we guarantee a new adventure each flight! Call (800) 763-5987 today or reserve your hot air balloon ride online for any of our unique locations.

A Flight Unlike Any Other

Experience the thrill and excitement of a hot air balloon ride with views of vistas and valleys as you climb one mile above the Pennsylvania skyline. Flying with Lancaster Balloon Rides is always a new expedition and a different adventure. No two flights are ever alike.

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30+ Years of Experience

We are proud to have served tens of thousands of friends, family members and travelers from every corner of the world.

Excellent Safety Record

Our pilots, all FAA Commercially approved, drug tested, and with more than 10,000 hours of combined experience, are dedicated to their profession, setting the standard in safety and passenger service.

The Full Experience

Come join Lancaster Balloon Rides for a 3-hour experience of a lifetime over the majestic and scenic Lancaster, Chester and Bucks County countryside.

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Hot Air Balloon Experiences

Marriage Proposals

The romance surrounding aviation and the airborne feeling in a hot air balloon are incomparable. We have helped with countless proposals and can even provide proposal ideas to make it more than memorable. Plan the ultimate romantic marriage proposal! We have never had a “NO”!
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Team Building

A hot air balloon ride is the ultimate team building adventure! Ballooning is very hands-on, and our staff is great at getting everybody involved. Flights can hold 10-50 people, and it is truly an experience of a lifetime! Give our office a call today to set up your next team building adventure!
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Balloon Advertising

Balloon advertising is surprisingly affordable when you consider the impact it can have on brand awareness and visibility. This unique and flexible advertising medium is one of the best ways to make an impression on potential customers and stand out from the crowd.
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Getting married in a hot air balloon may be the ULTIMATE magical experience. Imagine the two of you floating away in a beautiful hot air balloon or delivering your vows to each other as you float over beautiful countryside while people wave from below. There are many different ways we can help to enhance your special day.
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Kids Program

Balloons captivate all who see them, and kids are no exception. Children of all ages love to see balloons, but many have never flown or have even been up close! Set your children'ss group apart with a hot air balloon presentation and tether.
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Gift Certificates

What better way to celebrate a special occasion, holiday, or surprise a loved one than a gift card for a once in a lifetime experience, or one that opens the door to an unrealized passion for flight?  The gift of a hot air balloon ride is always an impressive gift to get and a wonderful feeling when you give one.  Order your hot air balloon gift card now and give the gift of a lifetime!
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#1 Question

What is involved in the hot air balloon ride?

What makes our hot air balloon flights so memorable is that they are much more than just the ride itself.
If you so wish, you are encouraged to take part in the inflation of the balloon. Learn ballooning insight from the experts themselves from flight launch to landing. We also provide a champagne toast and refreshments. Transportation back to the launch site is included. Don’t forget to bring your camera so we can catch your memories on film!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer rides in our balloons year-round (weather dependent), but our primary season with a more routine schedule is April through November. Sunrise and sunset flights occur daily from launch points in southeastern Pennsylvania. 3-day and 5-day PA Adventure Tours are coordinated to fit your schedule.
The entire experience is 2 1/2 – 3 hours from start to finish, including hands-on launch, an hour-long flight, refreshments and transport.
A typical flight will include 4-10 people. However, if you are interested in a private, romantic flight, we offer couples-only flights as well.

Dress to be comfortable as you would if you were on the ground depending upon the day’s weather conditions. Because a hot air balloon travels at the same speed as the air around it, wind chill factors are eliminated, so if anything, it is typically a bit warmer in the balloons. Do not overdress, particularly in the summer.

Riders of our balloons must be of age 6 and up. There are no height requirements.