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Make your wedding magical




Make your wedding magical

Getting married in a hot air balloon may be the ULTIMATE magical experience. Imagine the two of you floating away in a beautiful hot air balloon or delivering your vows to each other as you float over the beautiful countryside while people wave from below.

Top 5 Ways to Use Hot Air Balloons in Your Wedding

There are many different ways we can help to enhance your special day.

Here are just a few ideas…

  1. The Bride and Groom, an intimate group of friends, and an officiant could float away as the Bride and Groom deliver their chosen vows to each other.
  2. The Bride and Groom and photographer could fly away from the reception.
  3. The wedding party could fly away from the ceremony or reception. Up to 50 people could fly away in our beautiful hot air balloons.
  4. The balloon could be present for wedding photos, adding a backdrop like no other.
  5. The balloon could be tethered at the reception, creating amazing photos for all your guests. You could even let guests take a tethered hot air balloon ride during the wedding reception!

Once the balloon is inflated with the cool air, before we heat the air to make it rise, the inside of a partially-inflated balloon is absolutely gorgeous. The entire backdrop is the colorful whirl! Imagine your wedding photos — they’d be stunning on the group and in the air.

We can customize a plan to perfectly match your dreams for your special day. 

Here are just a few ideas from one of our favorite weddings...

Not to Mention…

You can propose in a hot air balloon.

And before or after you’re married, go on a romantic date in a hot air balloon ride.

And yes, you can even elope in a hot air balloon!