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Snow Hot Air Balloon Flights

Snow?? Bring it on!! You won’t believe how breathtaking the view can be from a thousand feet in the air! We love flying over the snow covered fields of Lancaster

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Military Homecoming

To honor Veterans Day this year we are excited to announce a very special event for a service member returning home to the Berks, Chester, or Bucks County area, from

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Enter to Win Picture Contest

Enter to win Picture Contest for a chance to win a hot air balloon ride for four at our Lancaster, Bucks, or Chester locations!

Telluride Balloon Festival in Telluride, Colorado | Lancaster Balloon Rides

Telluride Balloon Festival

The 34th Annual Telluride Balloon Festival In the historic Victorian mining town of Telluride Colorado, you’ll find one of the longest running balloon festivals in the country. For one weekend,

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Sky High Promposal

The United States Hot Air Balloon Team on MTV’s Promposal PART 2: Check out this sky high promposal featuring a hot air balloon ride from Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by

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The Ultimate Promposal

Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by The US Hot Air Balloon Team) on MTV’s Promposal Check out this sky high promposal featuring a hot air balloon ride from Lancaster Balloon Rides

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Would love to do it again!

“My wife and I received this as a special gift from friends. It was amazing. I’m from the Lancaster area, but smoothly gliding over my county was a feeling that

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Private Ride for Two

Enjoy an exclusive romantic flight with the love of your life. This will truly be an experience of a lifetime!

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The Shopping News of Lancaster County

We’ve been spotted on the front page of The Shopping News of Lancaster County! “It’s not every day you see a hot air balloon floating by in the middle of