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Kyle Laxton, US Hot Air Balloon Team Pilot

Kyle Laxton, US Hot Air Balloon Team Pilot | Lancaster Balloon Rides

Kyle includes Ballooning, along with all aspects of the experience as some of his favorite things in Life. Born in Camden, New Jersey, moving to Southeastern Pennsylvania early in life gave him an appreciation for the beautiful countryside found here.

He attended and graduated from Saint Pius X High School in Pottstown, PA. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, and served in 1st Battalion 4th Marines as an infantry soldier for 3.5 years active duty, and received an honorable discharge from the USMC.

Kyle’s first ballooning experience was assisting as ground crew, and dealing with all areas of scheduling and logistics of balloon equipment. After a few short weeks, and few flights in hot air balloons, Kyle was convinced that this aeronautical endeavor was for him. He began student pilot instruction, aced the Private Pilot Exam, and continued his training to earn his Commercial Lighter than Air flight certification.

The office view, as Kyle refers to it varies from 10 to 100 miles depending on Mother Nature’s mood on any given day. Nothing compares to the feeling of sharing that experience with everyone who comes aloft in my balloon. I never dreamed I would be flying hot air balloons, enjoying the skies and helping others create lifetime memories. I invite you to come fly with me!