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The hot air balloon ride for our wedding on Saturday, April 16th was AMAZING! Our pilot, Kyle, was very knowledgeable and experienced in ballooning and pointing out sights during the flight of the Lancaster county area. We ascended to 5600 ft, had a max speed of 27mph, and traveled about 12 miles. So beautiful at sunset and perfect weather. While the balloon basket was snug for the five of us plus our pilot and the leap frog style jolt of the landing was unexpected and rough, the ground crew was great at trying to make our landing as safe and smooth as possible.

We had a blast and definitely would recommend to anyone. There is no sensation of fear of heights because there is no attachment to the ground, and it is actually a bit warmer in the balloon due to the fuel/fire pumping the hot air. Will definitely be going this again. It was super fun and unique way to celebrate our wedding!

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