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Jake Frame, US Hot Air Balloon Team Pilot

Jake Frame, a pilot for Lancaster Balloon Rides

Jake has the distinction of being born into ballooning. From his earliest memories, he has always wanted to be around hot air balloons and be a part of anything ballooning. Jake took his first balloon ride at 3 years of age. He progressed from instruction, experience, and classroom from student pilot at 14 years of age, to Private Pilot at 16 years of age, and Commercial Pilot at 19 years of age. He has flown balloons in events in many states in the US and traveled to Europe and completed flights in the Swiss alps.

Jake’s current flying consists of flights in Lancaster, Chester, and Bucks County, PA. He says the camaraderie, relationships, and getting to know the people who fly with him make ballooning a completely enjoyable experience. Besides flying balloons, Jake enjoys skiing, hunting, fishing, biking and most outdoor activities. Jake invites you to join him on an adventure and soar into the sky today!