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US Hot Air Balloon Team Will Now Be Lancaster Balloon Rides

Lancaster Balloon Rides in Lancaster, PA , previously named U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team

For those coming into PA from the Tri-State area, they’ll be in for a fun surprise. With balloon festivals and annual events, a beloved brand will transform.

Lancaster, PA, Dec 16, 2021: The US Hot Air Balloon Team is changing its name to Lancaster Balloon Rides. The new name, Lancaster Balloon Rides, reflects the brand’s focus on sharing beautiful rides along the rural Pennsylvania countryside, representing the company’s roots and location of Lancaster County, the heart of Amish Country.

According to Lancaster Balloon Rides owner, Jake Frame, the company’s rebranding will be rolled out across all of its platforms. This includes their website and three locations in Lancaster County, Chester County, and Bucks County. As a result, they will undergo a complete rebrand before the year ends and will be ready to start with a fresh name for 2022.

Lancaster Balloon Rides offer some of the best views throughout the state, where guests can choose between a shared hot air balloon ride or a private hot air balloon ride. Jake is excited for the year ahead, where he explained: “For the 2022 season, we’ll be flying from three locations, each with their personality… You’re going to love them all!”

For those who have grown to love their hot air balloon rides, there’s no need to worry — apart from the name, nothing else will change regarding the brand. The team behind Lancaster Balloon Rides will still provide the same enthusiasm and service for all their customers. Moreover, adventurers will still be able to enjoy scenic hot air balloon rides, as well as great memories.

All those who seek the ultimate adventure of a lifetime are encouraged to participate in the balloon festivals and annual events organized by Lancaster Balloon Rides. “There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a breeze while floating thousands of feet above the ground “. For more information about Lancaster Balloon Rides, visit:

About Lancaster Balloon Rides

Lancaster Balloon Rides is the premier hot air balloon company in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Their team of experts provides rides over various areas, including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland countryside. Flying with Lancaster Balloon Rides can give even the biggest thrill-seekers with a brand new adventure in every ride.

Their hot air balloons are among the top in the industry and can carry passengers as high as a mile up with just a slight breeze. Each flight is different from the last and can drift across treetops, mountains, rivers, and cities. To experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, be sure to call (800) 763-5987 or reserve a hot air balloon ride online to explore new heights in their unique locations.

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