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Known as the largest faith-based live theatre in the United States, the Sight & Sound Theatre has been bringing Broadway-quality productions to attendees since it opened its doors in 1976.

Sight & Sound’s epic adventures take you back in time through majestic sets, talented actors and animals and one-of-a-kind music and song. A Sight & Sound production is a fun-filled, immersive experience that brings the Bible to life above, beside and around you.

More than a play on a stage, Sight & Sound’s epics are known to break through the fourth wall, the imaginary “wall” at the front of the stage as it is known in traditional theatres. By “breaking the fourth wall,” Sight & Sound brings you right into the action, bringing the audience into breathtaking moments and transforming our entire theatre into an adventure.

This is a hallmark of all Sight & Sound productions.

The Lancaster County, PA location is only one of two theatres Sight & Sound owns. Their shows are about bringing the Bible to life, entertaining, educating, and inspiring guests with stories from the Bible.

Looking for things to do near Sight & Sound in Lancaster, PA? How about a hot air balloon ride over Amish Country?