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Advantages of Hot Air Balloon Corporate Advertising

Hot Air Balloons For Corporate Advertising | Lancaster Balloon Rides

If you own a company, you are always looking for ways to advertise your business, products or services. You want everyone to know your company brand and associate that with excellence. But how do you advertise to get a return on your investment? Hot air balloon corporate advertising gives you many benefits. Let’s start with these:

1.High Visibility

A hot air balloon or thermal airship can be seen much farther than any billboard. A sunrise hot air balloon ride with your company’s brand takes off before that rush hour traffic hits and is flying high above for everyone to see.

2. Flexibility

We can customize hot air balloons to best represent your company. It is more than just changing the color of the balloon and adding your company name. We can even customize the shape of the balloon. Do you need a bottle shape? Maybe some other shape is best suited to represent your brand. Well we can work with you to get you the best branding for your company into the sky.


People will see the hot air balloon and your company brand will become etched in their minds. Your company’s name and logo will associated with your business’ products, services, quality and creativity.

4. Versatility

You have many options for advertising and branding. You can choose a hot air balloon and have the balloon travel or have a tethered balloon at an event. We now also offer a newer option of thermal airships. These can be steered and maneuvered back and forth over an event for more visibility than your tethered hot air balloon.

5. Excitement and Buzz

When have you ever seen someone run up to a billboard to take a picture with it? Have you seen anyone chase down your magazine ad? We see it all the time with our hot air balloons and thermal airships. People literally chase down your balloon to see what name is on it. That is the kind of attention every company wants for their company.

6. No Competition

Your company name isn’t getting lost in a sea of other names and numbers in the yellow pages and not need to worry where your company name will fall in a Google search engine you are the only name in the sky grabbing everyone’s attention.
Using the Lancaster Balloon Rides (operated by The US Hot Air Balloon Team) for corporate advertising and branding is not only a creative way to advertise but has a great return on your investment. We like to keep it simple and easy for you. After all, you have a business to run and it’s our business to get you noticed.
Call Stan today for your quote and talk over what options best suit your company’s needs at 1-800-76-FLY-US.